Once Purah unlocks the Camera function at the Hateno Tech Lab, her assistant offers to fill in your Hyrule Compendium in exchange for rupees - 100 for each entry. I spent a good amount of rupees buying every entry I could, and I've reached the point where he no longer has anything left to sell me, but I still have a handful of creatures and weapons I haven't discovered yet. What entries am I missing, and how do I get them?

  • For starters, I don't believe any of the boss monsters (Blights and/or Ganon) can be purchased. – Steve-O Jun 15 '17 at 20:58
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    @Steve-O Boss Monsters can be purchase, but only after completing the game. Once you have completed the game you will have a little star on your save game when you load it, your sheika map will also have completion tracking. – Malco Jun 15 '17 at 21:06

After defeating Ganon, and entering the post-game, the following extra pictures can be purchased at 500 Rupees per picture, in the "Elite Enemies" section:

  • All Silver Enemies (e.g. Silver Lynel, Silver Moblin, Silver Bokoblin, etc.)
  • All one-time only enemies (e.g. Bosses)

The following picture can also be purchased for 100 Rupees, in the "Weapons" category:

  • Light Bow
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After reading the comments on my question, I realized I had purchased all the pictures after facing the final Divine Beast and before fighting Ganon. Turns out I had two pictures that were available to purchase; a weapon and an "Elite Enemy" picture, a new category with a gold icon that was not there before I fought Ganon. The weapon was the Light Bow, and the Elite Enemy was Master Kohga. Upon purchasing these, Symin informed me that I had obtained every picture in the compendium. So it turns out there is an opportunity to purchase previously unbuyable pictures post-game.

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