Rocket league won't let me play as player 1 using my steam controller. It says "Press |> to join" and then goes into split screen mode.


Disable desktop mode for the steam controller using the following steps:

Steam > View > Settings > Controller > Desktop Configuration > Browse Configs > Show Other Controller Types

Choose one of the disabled ones (PS4 or Xbox) and apply it.

This will disable the mouse/keyboard emulation of the steam controller which apparently confuses Rocket League.

(found via death2trollz@steamcommunity.com)

  • No luck for me on Linux. If I use the third-party sc-controller program to bind to the steam controller, everything works fine. Otherwise, the default Valve drivers exhibit the problem in this thread & disabling mouse/kb emulation of the steam controller doesn't do anything. Would prefer to not have to use sc-controller though, since it has some minor glitches. – Ponkadoodle Sep 22 '18 at 23:35

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