I am trying to spawn a chest in the game with a water bucket in it. I have been able to accomplish this, but my lore is for some reason not being applied to the bucket.

Here is the command in which I am using:

/setblock ~1 ~ ~ chest 0 replace {Items:[{id:water_bucket,Slot:13,Count:1}],Lore:["Just in case you fall! ;)"]}

Can anyone make it so the lore is applied?

  • Is the lore applied when you get the same item with /give? – micsthepick Jun 19 '17 at 3:27

The Lore tag be applied to the item, inside the display tag, inside a data tag

e.g. /setblock ~1 ~ ~ chest 0 replace {Items:[{tag:{display:{Lore:["Just in case you fall! ;)"]}},id:water_bucket,Slot:13,Count:1}]}

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  • Hmm, that didn't fix it. And I have to include the quotes or else it will give me an error message. I might just rename the water bucket to what I want the lore to be instead. Thanks for trying though. – Pingyoping Jun 19 '17 at 3:39
  • @Pingyoping This new edit should work. – micsthepick Jun 19 '17 at 7:47
  • I'm pretty sure lore has quotes, or is a string compound ({text:"<Insert Text>", color:"<color>"}). – aytimothy Jun 19 '17 at 9:12

Looking at the Wiki page, the correct syntax for Lore is the below:

{display:{Name:"name here",color:,Lore:["lore here", "lore here"]}}

The same page also states that Lore is used within display and uses a String value type. If you want to use a different color for the lore text, you'll need to supply the hexadecimal value. A converter can be found here.

I think part of your issue is you include a ; in what seems like an odd spot, and right after that you also have a ) that doesn't seem to link up to a ( anywhere. Both of those characters however are part of the Lore text because of the quotations, and unless they need to be escape in some way, they should just be rendered as text. But I think the main issue is you do not use display in anyway.

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