My Minecraft launcher isn't opening and every time I try to open the launcher the loading sign pops up next to my mouse for half of a second then goes away leaving nothing.

I have tried everything I know, I have uninstalled then reinstalled multiple times, I have gone into the .minecraft files and tried everything I know.

Can anyone tell me how to fix my launcher? If you could I would really appreciate it!

Thank you to anyone that helped or at least tried to help me with this!!!

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  • Try updating your java libraries. It could be a outdated java version. – GipsyD Jun 22 '17 at 15:53
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Try re-installing the Minecraft Launcher from Minecraft.net download page. First download the installer (The first one on the list), if it doesn't work, download the second one on the list.

  • Thanks!! this worked for me!! Thanks so much I really appreciate it! I really love my Minecraft so when this worked I was so happy. – Sli5782 YT Jun 23 '17 at 21:22
  • this didnt work for me. – Mark Deven Aug 6 at 23:38
  • @MarkDeven You could try deleting assets, launcher, launcher_profiles.json, libraries, usercache.json but before that do you see anything suspicious in nativelog.txt? – MCCCS Aug 7 at 6:01
  • A full restart including taking out the battery) finally fixed it, so it must have been something in my deep system. IDK. – Mark Deven Aug 9 at 15:11

try reinstalling the launcher if you haven't.
Update the java runtime from here if that doesnt work uninstall and reinstall the runtime. if that doesnt work you should see if you have a java home path in your system. this can sometimes help identifying where java applications should find the runtime library. there is a tutorial on how to do this here let me know how it all went and happy gaming ;)

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