Say I have two Pokémon (let's just say Vaporeon) in a gym and they both have the exact same CP.

Vaporeon 1 has an IV score of 100%, which means that Attack, Defense, and Health have a perfect 15/15 score.

Vaporeon 2 has an IV score of 10% (or less), so basically, it has the worst stats when it comes to Attack, Defense and Health.

Will their motivation deplete at the same rate, when placed in a Gym?

Will Vaporeon 1's motivation deplete slower or will they both degrade at the same rate?

  • I answered a related question, and right now it appears it's primarily CP based. – Wondercricket Jun 23 '17 at 18:40

The only thing that appears to affect CP decay is the original CP of the pokemon.

If its CP >= 3000, it will lose 10% of its original CP per hour. If its CP < 3000, it will lose ~1% of its original CP per hour.

Numbers from this Reddit thread


When defending a gym, the Pokemon will lose approximately 25% of its CP regardless of how much.

  • 3000 Dragonite will lose ~750
  • 2200 Gyarados will lose ~550
  • 1200 Espeon will lose ~300

It takes 4 wins to beat a gym 100% as long as nobody is feeding berries and after the 2nd win you will see all the Pokemon are at 50% their original CP.

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