What determines whether or not I can see a player's competitive rank in Quick Play?

Sometimes when I hover over a player's name in the list I can see their ranks. Other times I cannot. Am I limited to only seeing players who have already done their 10 placement matches? Am I restricted to only seeing players within a certain rank, because for the most part I have yet to see anyone with a rank sub-2k.


You will only see a rank if a player has completed their 10 placement matches for the current season. Otherwise, it will not show any rank. Occasionally, you may see ranks that say <500; this would appear to be some sort of "anti-embarrassment" feature.

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    I believe the reasoning behind the <500 ranking is less to do with anti-embarrassment, and more to do with preventing people trying to deliberately get a rank of 1.
    – Malco
    Jun 29 '17 at 16:27

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