The Last Express: Gold Edition on Steam has an achievement named "101 ways to die", which is to experience all the losing endings. What are all of these losing endings are there? I seem to be missing one or two of them, so I'd like a list to compare. I found this one, but it seems to be incomplete.

By the way, I have noticed that it doesn't seem like there are actually 101 losing endings, since I recall I was able to get 25% progress on the achievement with just the first four endings. Although perhaps the game counts multiple ways to get a certain ending all at once (like multiple ways to die in a fight).

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After a quick Google search, I found this guide listing all the losing endings. Spoilers follow:

Past Paris part of journey

  • You don't touch Tyler's body and the conductor finds it.
  • The conductor finds you with the body.
  • The conductor finds you with blood on your jacket.
  • You put Tyler's body in the bed but you don't close the bed.
  • You knock a lot of times on the harem doors and you're kicked out of the train.
  • You talk to Schmidt before finding Tyler's body. He goes to his compartment and finds it.
  • You use the emergency brake (suicide button).
  • Milos comes to your compartment, and finds Tyler's body on the floor or on the bed.
  • Milos kills you with a knife (throat or stomach).
  • You hide Tyler's body in the bed, but you don't get rid of it before conductor comes to prepare your bed.


  • If you threw Tyler's body through the window during day time, police comes to the train. If you don't hide it's game over.


  • You don't hide the Firebird with Max: Kahina finds it sooner or later and the game ends in Vienna.
  • Tatiana catches you with the Firebird in your hands: you can't get it again and Kahina gets it.
  • You jump to the locomotive from the roof twice.
  • Kahina kills you because she finds you in Kronos's room before the concert.
  • Kahina kills you because you didn't bring the Firebird or the gold.
  • You give the Firebird to Kronos.
  • You didn't show the gold to Schmidt, so the serbian didn't get their weapons and kill you.
  • Vesna kills you with a knife.
  • You didn't save Anna from Vesna, and you find her body.
  • The conductor finds Anna's body with the luggage.


  • You don't steal the clock from Alexei's luggage.

Before Budapest

  • You don't find the bomb.
  • You talk to Abbot before defusing the bomb.
  • You mess up defusing the bomb: don't get the box, open the box, use your hands to defuse...


  • Serbian #1 knocks you out.
  • You go to the restaurant and Vesna kills you.
  • Serbian #2 crowbar kills you with a crowbar.
  • Vesna kills you with her sword.
  • You're still standing up on the roof when the train approaches the tunnel.
  • You didn't unhook the passenger cars when you get to the locomotive.
  • You let the train stop.
  • You didn't stop the train but you didn't unhook the passenger cars.

Before Constantinople

  • You left the firebird in the unhooked cars.
  • You wait a lot of time to get the Firebird to Kronos.
  • You don't give the firebird to Kronos.
  • You don't open the Firebird.
  • You don't use the whistle.

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