I just picked up Bastion on Steam and ran into a small problem.

By default, the game was running at my monitor's native resolution of 2560x1440, but I went to the in-game options menu and selected a different resolution by mistake. The problem is, the list of available resolutions doesn't have a scrollbar, so now I can't change it back! The highest resolution I see in the list is 1920x1200.

Since I just purchased the game I don't have any saved games to worry about, so I just want to wipe any settings/config files and start from the defaults. Where does Bastion keep its settings, or more importantly, how can I reset the resolution?

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Here's a quote from the developers:

Q: I changed the in-game resolution, how can I restore the original settings?

A: The game will auto-detect your monitor's proper resolution on start-up. If you change your resolution and the proper one is not available in the options menu, you can have it auto-detect again by deleting your profile here (exact location may vary): "\Program Files\Steam\userdata\33142021\107100\local"



On linux (Humble Indie Bundle 5 version) the information is stored in ~/.SupergiantGames/Bastion/
For Windows 7 and the bundle it's in %USERPROFILE%\Saved Games\Bastion\

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