With the release of Doomfist on the PTR I have been trying him out to see how he plays and where he might fit on a team. However the information describing how his abilities and passive works is rather vague. In particular I am wonder how his passive "The Best Defense" works, it reads:


Doomfist generates temporary personal shields when he deals ability damage.

I am wondering if the shield generated is a flat amount determined by the ability used, or if it is an amount determined by how much damage is done?

A lot of his abilities can hit multiple Heros at a time, so I am also wondering if he gets more shields for hitting multiple people, or if it is capped at one hero hit.

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Each enemy hit by Doomfist's abilities (including Rocket Punch) generates 30 shields if hit by a regular ability, and 75 if hit by Meteor Strike, up to a maximum of 150 extra shields. The amount of shields generated does not depend on how much damage Doomfist deals with his abilities.

These shields are temporary and will disappear when damaged; starting one second after they were gained, they will start decaying at a rate of 3 shields per second.

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