I have installed Marvel Future Fight v3.2.0 on my Android phone (Xperia Z1).

In the Settings, it has a few tabs regarding different types of settings.

I intend to disable notifications, so I selected the Alert tab.

enter image description here

When I change to a tab other than ALERT, I can see different settings but when I change to the ALERT tab, it stucks there - meaning that even if I click another tab, I still see the All Notifications (on/off) settings.

If I select the Option tab after Alert:

enter image description here

Also, when I change it to off, the OK button is not saving the setting.

Looks like a bug or I try to set it wrong. I tried to reinstall it but no change.

Can you confirm?

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If the app doesn't allow you to turn the notifications off, you can still ask android to do it for you.

In Settings/Sound and Notifications/ (Sometimes just Settings/Notifications), you have a list of all installed applications, and can turn notification to off for any of them.


Thanks for the suggestions, but those were only workarounds. As of version 3.5.1, the issue has been fixed.


Nope, this indeed is the case. I have been trying to turn them off for a while too. Seems to be a 'convenient' bug for the developers.

  • What kind of phone do you use it on?
    – Nestor
    Commented Jul 30, 2017 at 14:00

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