I'm not exactly sure about what happens if you destroy every Crimson Heart, Shadow Orb and/or Demon/Crimson Altar? My guess is that it stops Corruption/Crimson from spreading.

Also, how do you destroy EVERY PIECE OF CRIMSON?

  • Just to be clear, destroying Altars and Hearts/Orbs does little to stop the spread of corruption. They spread as long as there are corruptible tiles within 4 tile range from any corrupted elements including corrupted vines and Ebonstone. These items are usually located inside the corruption itself and rarely contributes to the spreading. – Ben Ong Jul 14 '17 at 7:10
  • I tried to help you rephrase your question better but should clarify the last part yourself. If you are asking how to purify/remove the entire Crimson/Corruption, there are already many questions with answer about that. You should be able to find your answer from one of them. – Ben Ong Jul 14 '17 at 7:17

According to the Terraria Wiki, there isn't a special consequence of destroying all altars or orbs. Only the normal things are happening like the chance of spawning a meteroite or the increase of one hardmode ore amount like Titanium. There is also this information:

If all corruption/crimson and hallow blocks are purified, then when speaking to the Dryad about the world status, she will say "[name of world] is completely pure. You have done an amazing job!". http://terraria.gamepedia.com/The_Corruption

But I don't know if it will spawn again. It is a waste of time to try it, because you need items and lore from there and when your world is in hardmode, the corruption/crimson is spread anywhere from the surface to the hell. It is a huge amount of work to pure it.

  • Corruption/Crimson can respawn by smashing Demon Altars. Every time you smash one, there is a 2-in-3 chance that a single stone block in the Caverns level will corrupt and likely start spreading. – nasukkin Jul 15 '17 at 6:18

I am a little confuse if you are referring to Crimson/Demon Altar, Crimson Heart/Shadow Orb or Crimson/Corruption itself. I'll cover all.

Crimson/Demon Altar

It is actually beneficial to destroy these since each will give you mode hardmode ores in the world. But it is also required to make items such as Night's Edge. Destroying every last Altar will making obtaining such items impossible in this world. I suggest leaving the one closest to your base untouched. You can isolate it buy digging a 4 tile wide gap between it and any other tiles and even box it up with incorruptible tiles such as Grey Brick to prevent it from spreading corruption.

Crimson Heart/Shadow Orb

Each of this destroyed will drop some items and also gives a chance to spawn Meteorite. Also every 3 destroyed will spawn the respective biome boss Brain of Cthulhu or Eater of Worlds. Therefore the only significant result of breaking every one of these is the possibility that there will be many Meteorites in your world. Assuming the boss will not kill you there is no other significant penalties for doing so.


To remove the entire of these biomes especially in hardmode plus having all/most Altars destroyed is going to be lots of work, but assuming you actually did, a lot of monsters and plants will not longer spawn in this world until the biomes are introduced again. This includes useful items such as Ebonkoi which is a fish only obtainable in Corruption for making Wrath Potion that gives 10% damage - very important in later bosses.

Monsters such as Dark Mummy, Crimson/Corrupted Mimic also becomes unavailable which removes that possibility of obtaining powerful items such as Dao of Pow and Daedalus Stormbow. Though Mimics can still be spawned if you already have the Key of Night.

Overall, I will not suggest entirely removing the biomes, simply isolating them to prevent spreading will be.

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