I'm running a terraria server and would like to be able to join the world I am running via the mobile version of the game (running on Android). Is it possible to join via the mobile version using the server's ip address? So far I haven't found an option in the mobile game ui but I may be missing something.

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It is possible to join a server through direct IP.

For example:
My friend is playing Terraria and wants me to join him, but we are in different places.
To join him/her you need to go to settings, find VPN, and as a VPN server IP enter his/her router's IP.
Then you should be able to see his/her game just like if you were playing on same WI-FI.

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Got word in the discord channel for tshock that this isn't possible. Oh well. Maybe I'll setup the game on desktop and join there.

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