I've put far too many hours into The Void and have not seemingly gotten very far. I've read a couple reviews where the reviewers admitted that they have not played the game all the way though. Is there a real end to this game, and a return to life?

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    I'm sure this is something to do with the game but you're worried about "returning to life" then I would suggest you step away from the TV for a little bit lol
    – Earlz
    Jul 21, 2010 at 18:00

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I personally couldn't get very far with this game without applying this difficulty patch, and a walkthrough. Rest assured that there is an end to it, though.


To add to the accepted answer: yes, there are a number of different endings in fact. While they are all rather similar, they involve different characters. The conditions for the different endings are as follows:

  1. Survive until the end of Cycle 35 and do not save a Sister.
  2. Reach Turgor and draw Breakthrough on a sister (there is a slightly different ending for each sister).
  3. Reach Turgor and draw breakthrough on the Nameless Sister's tree and then on the Nameless Sister. This requires a lot of colour and is the most difficult ending.

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