As you can see by the title I've been hacked or something like that and they've put on cheats so i cant get on to Hypixel and it's annoying, if you know what to do please tell me

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There's no way anyone could've put cheats on your account. Your account doesn't hold any data aside from your authentication details, skin and cape.

What could've happened is someone hacking your account and using it as an alt on Hypixel. If so, Hypixel will have recorded that ban with someone else's IP address.

You can dispute the ban in their Ban Appeal forum section. Be sure to mention the fact that it was on a different IP, and take a screenshot of a website like whatismyip.com to support your claim of it being someone else.

Also be sure to change your password on the Mojang website


The only thing you can do is appeal your ban on Hypixel and hope they will accept your request.

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