This new web game, Little Alchemy, has a hidden achievement. Does anyone know how to get this achievement?

Is This Just Fantasy?
A hidden gem, eh?



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According to the wikia page, you get this achievement for crafting one of the nine hidden gems.

There are 9 hidden gems in Little Alchemy. Creating one will get you the achievement "Is This Just Fantasy?"

The gems you can craft to get this achievement are:

  • Astronaut Ice Cream (astronaut + ice cream)
  • The Doctor (tardis + doctor)
  • Tardis (space + time)
  • Doge (dog + computer)
  • Keyboard Cat (cat + music)
  • Ninja Turtle (ninja + turtle)
  • The One Ring (ring + volcano)
  • Yeti (mountain + story OR mountain range + story)
  • Nessie (story + lake)

(Combinations gotten from the wikia in conjunction with this site, as the wikia did not have Nessie)

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