I have a command block that teleports you to another place - it is permanently on (because of redstone), so whenever I get close to the command block, it teleports me - it is really annoying. How can I deactivate it?

  • You can run a Minecraft server locally[1][2], set enable-command-block=false in server.properties (if it isn't already) and then just join the server IP localhost, go to the command block and break it.
  • You can change the command in the command block using NBTEdit: Open the save folder with it, go to region\<the region file with the command block in it>\<the chunk with the command block in it>\Level\TileEntitites\13 entries\Command, double click, change it, "OK", then "Save" in the toolbar.
  • You can get roughly the coordinates of the command block, then subtract 15 from each axis for the first set of coordinates and add 15 for the second set: /fill <x y z> <x y z> air 0 replace command_block
  • You can use MCEdit. I can't give you instructions on that, because I haven't used it yet. But it's probably pretty easy to use.
  • ok, thx man, i'll try that – philbofett Jul 29 '17 at 1:54

You could use McEdit, or go as close as possible to the command block, press F3 (fn + f3 on a mac), and find out the coordinates of the command block or the Redstone powering it, click t and type /setblock x y z air (replace x y and z with the command block or redstone coordinates)

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