When starting a second playthrough with Recursion Mode, instead of hearing Red's Boyfriend from the Transistor, you hear Royce Bracket's voice delivering the game's opening line:

Hey Red... we’re not gonna get away with this are we?

I've played the game a few times, but I still don't fully understand why this happens.

Initially I thought it might mean that Royce was now trapped in the Transistor. However, that wouldn't make much sense considering the game's ending, and the fact that Royce only speaks one line as the Transistor.

The line itself is also confusing. It seems odd that Royce would be telling Red "we're not gonna get away with this" unless the two were working together in some way.

Why does does Royce narrate the opening of a recursive playthrough instead of Red's boyfriend?

  • This seems like a mind bender by the devs. At least there's no official reason why, mostly interpretations. – Xander Jan 22 '19 at 10:19

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