I would like to make a door that is easy to open by players, but not mobs. Tried using a button to power the door but clicks are inaccurate while playing on laptop, rendering the door an obstacle, and also jump to activate a tripwire to power the door, but it just closes too quickly, rendering the door an obstacle again. An extra point is that no wooden doors as I am playing on hard difficulty and I am playing on survival so no commands, just redstone. So how can I solve this problem?


The simplest way I know of to make a player only door is to abuse stairs and fences. Since a fence (F) is ~0.5 blocks wide, and stairs (S) are missing 1/4 of a block you can stand between the fence and the stair. And so using four stairs and three fences you can make a player only door. Finally it needs to be surrounded in blocks (B), so that mobs can't get around the setup. such as walking through the middle.

If looking face-on you should have:


The top left stair has to have a gap in the bottom right corner, the top right in the bottom left corner etc.

Which visually looks like:

Image of mob-only door

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  • Will skeletons try to shoot through the door? – lkp111138 Aug 6 '17 at 14:28

If you want to get really crazy, you can use a player-differentiating clock, like in this video. A tutorial is here.

It obviously has the disadvantages of costing quite a bit of resources, creating a lot of piston noise and a bit of lag and it could be considered bug-using, but otherwise it's perfect: You can just walk straight through the door, but mobs can't get in, not even skeleton arrows, thrown items etc.

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firstly, you can of course use fences or a lily pad parkour but you can also use a hoe-activation door.

how to make this, just search up 'How to Make a Hoe-Activated Door in Minecraft' on youtube.

how it works is a grass block is a non-transparent block once tilled it is transparent and redstone doesn't travel through

or you could use a card-reader system

again, search how to make that on youtube

hope that brought you on some ideas

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    This answer isn't very helpful, it more or less suggesting things to research, in which is very indirect. – The Mattbat999 Aug 6 '17 at 13:13
  • Please try to answer the question without relying on outside sources. Try to explain how to create a hoe-activated door and a card-reader system in your own words. A link to a youtube video can help, but shouldn't be the only content. – Philipp Aug 6 '17 at 16:59

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