So I have pretty limited space on my PC, as in storage. So I frequently delete games after I complete them or just become bored. I finished TWD seasons 1 and 2 but held off on deleting them as I care for the story and remembered that TWD Season 3 will import my decisions. Like i said though, I need the space for other games, so is there a way to delete the games (season 1 and 2) but retain the decisions so when Season 3 asks to import them I'll be able to?

(I have legit copies bought off steam so no torrent, if that matters)

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While I haven't played TWD S3, any "normal" game usually save your progress in a save file, and usually that save file is somewhere in your documents, or perhaps in appdata. When you delete a game on steam it usually only delete the game files in the steam folder, not touching your save files.

Assuming TWD S3 works like S2 (basing myself on this answer), you can go ahead and uninstall the previous seasons. Just make a copy of your S1 and S2 saves files beforehands to be extra safe.

  • Can confirm that I deleted my season 1 data and still had, like, that one thing carry over into season 2. So we can probably assume that S3 works the same way, but I haven't played it yet so I can't confirm that
    – Allball103
    Aug 14, 2017 at 18:45

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