From the description of the cauterize item :

Your Weapon shots reduce the effect of healing on your target by 30%/60%/90% for 1.5s

I know it reduces the heal from other player abilities, but does it reduce all kind of heals ? Here are all the sources of heal I could think about, does anyone know if Cauterize works on them ?

  • Heal from Life Rip (item or abilities)
  • Self Healing (like Buck Recovery)
  • Heal from cards (like Inara Caretaker)
  • Bonus healing from Rejuvenate item
  • Heal from Kill to heal item

Yes, cauterise effects all forms of healing. There are calculators out there that can help out there including my one, a friend and I also spent some time a while ago testing cauterise Vs life rip

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