When I would send people out into the wasteland to explore they would come across locations/events fairly regularly (i.e. Red Rocket).

After getting Bottle & Cappy these events don't seem to trigger anymore.

It's been days and I've typically had around 3-5 dwellers wandering the wasteland without any of these events ever triggering... but Bottle & Cappy come to my vault extremely often (approx. every 20 minutes or so).

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    I don't believe so. I don't have any evidence for this, other than personal experience, but random wasteland events do still trigger for me, even after finding Bottle and Cappy. I think it may have more to do with the amount of Quests you send your Dweller on
    – Ben
    Commented Aug 24, 2017 at 8:47
  • You may be correct on that. I've since triggered a couple of Wasteland events, though still nothing in comparison to before.
    – jhawes
    Commented Aug 24, 2017 at 20:27

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Based on what I've read scrounging around the internet, it appears that the answer is no, Bottle and Cappy do not affect wasteland events.

From Section 20.9 (How do random quests with explorers work?) of therabidsquirel's The Fallout Shelter FAQ:

As explorers do their thing they can stumble upon random quests...Discovering them is real time and you have to be in-game to get the notification, so if you're only checking for short periods of time your chances of getting a random quest are fairly low even with a lot of explorers.

From Section 21.2 (What do they do when they visit?) of the same wiki, what Bottle and Cappy do affect is as follows:

Whenever they stop in a room there's a chance they'll start dancing. If you tap on them while they're dancing you'll get a reward. Cappy...rewards caps when tapped...Bottle...can reward caps or Quantums. After a while...they'll leave.

For the duration of their visit they also provide a temporary +20% happiness boost to everyone in the vault. If a dweller was higher than 80% happiness before the visit (including 100%) they will return to exactly what they were before (unlike the small bonus from radio rooms).

The Fandom pages for Bottle and Cappy support the latter and neither make any mention of having any affect on wasteland events.

According to this Gamespot article, Bethesda released this statement regarding the Fallout Shelter 1.7 update:

To celebrate the launch of the Nuka-World add-on for Fallout 4, all Fallout Shelter players will receive their first Special Event Quest: a Nuka-World-themed mission which, once completed, allows Nuka-World mascots Bottle and Cappy to appear in the Vault. Tapping on Bottle and Cappy while they visit will reward players with Caps and Nuka-Cola Quantum.

From Bethesda's statement, it would appear that Bottle and Cappy were only ever intended to produce a few extra caps and Nuka-Cola Quantum for the player.

This Eurogamer article for the same update says more or less the same, as does this Bethesda Support response and this review's screenshot caption.

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