I'm pretty sure I've never been attacked by raiders until I have a dozen or so vault dwellers, although I haven't tested this properly yet (I normally grow my vaults quite quickly). I'm aware Deathclaws are 'unlocked' at a certain population (60 for regular and 35 for survival vaults) - is there a similar, lower threshold for raider attacks, or are they timed, or does it depend on vault caps, or a certain room, or something else?

Or have I just been lucky? I suppose it's possible, but I assume there's something preventing attacks in e.g. the first 60 seconds of play...


Raiders will come in middle game randomly to surprise the vaults owner to make the player think about preparing for a raider fight.

To stop raiders from killing your people make sure every room has a person with a weapon so the person can kill the raiders more easy then just fist.

A raider will have a stone, scarp sword as a melee so using a fist as a weapon will not be so easy.

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