In Oil Ocean Zone Act 2, the screen keeps getting dark and smoky as I play the level. As the smog gets thicker, the ring meter starts flickering rapidly, making me lose rings at a constant pace.

Losing rings from smog

Is there a way to clear the air so I stop losing rings?


There are chain switches throughout the level which will temporarily clear the air.

Based on the in-game timer, you will have about 30 seconds to find another chain switch before you start to lose rings again.

The smog cannot kill you directly, as the ring-draining effect will stop if the player hits 0 rings.

Sonic clearing the air with a switch

Interesting side note: The chain-pulling mechanic is a callback to Sandopolis Zone Act 2 from Sonic 3 & Knuckles, which had the same chains acting as temporary light-switches.

Sonic 3 - Sandopolis Zone light switch


So, you know that smog that comes in? Well, it drains your rings, like if you have trouble breathing. The crew can't breathe the smog very well, so, instead of a timer, you have a drain mechanic that drains your rings, one per Second.

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