I am running DosBox 0.74 on Linux Mint 18 and have an issue with trying to run certain built-in commands.

When using the dosbox-0.74.conf file to mount images, folder, etc., it works fine. However, I am unable to mount anything from within the DosBox prompt itself.

When trying to use the mount or imgmount commands, I get the error Illegal command: mount..

Even running help /all does not list these as available commands.

I seem to remember being able to use mount all the time in the past (and indeed, many tutorials found online still say to issue the mount command from within DosBox).

What am I missing?

  • Incidentally, I removed all my mount commands from the .conf file and I was able to issue mount commands within DosBox again. Does DOSBox only allow mounting in one place or the other? – Zephyr Aug 22 '17 at 3:15
  • What EXACTLY is the mount command you're trying to use, and what EXACTLY is the error you get. I set my path to null: "Z:\>path=", and ask dosbox what my path is: "Z:\>path" --> "PATH=(null)", and dosbox can still find the "mount" command. But if you unset Z, and switch to a different drive/directory, you'll get that exact error. At the dosbox prompt, enter "path=z:\". Then check if you can use mount. – Terry Wendt Aug 15 '18 at 2:52

The mount and imgmount commands exist on the virtual Z: drive within DOSBox. You need to either keep Z:\ in the PATH or specify the drive letter explicitly when running them. For example:

z:mount c c:\games
z:imgmount d c:\cdgame.iso -t iso

Just restart Dosbox by rightclick on Dosbox and run as Administrator. Illegal command solved.

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