This is a tricky question and I can't find reliable answer anywhere on the Internet.

I love my old Xbox Classic (the first Xbox console from 2001). Unfortunately both my original pads have died, then I got replacements, but they're almost done too.

I'm wondering if it's possible to use my Xbox 360 (wired because I guess wireless is impossible?) pads with the first generation of Xbox consoles?

All I could find was this, but it explains almost nothing. I guess I will need adapters from USB to "proprietary USB interface" of the Xbox, but where do I get one? And if I get these adapters will they support the Xbox 360 fully, will I be able to play games just fine?

Thanks for any help.

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    When you say your controllers "died", what do you mean exactly? Are certain buttons not working? – Robotnik Aug 27 '17 at 1:06

Searching around, I don't see any kind of adapter for an Xbox 360 controller to an Xbox port. I don't think the original Xbox supported any wireless controller either. The Original Xbox certainly had some sort of proprietary port for it's controllers, but I've read that it's just a standard USB in a weird form factor. Third party modifications may be possible, but would be quite a hassle to try.

According to the Wikipedia page for the Original Xbox controller:

Neither the original Xbox controller nor Controller S are compatible with the Xbox 360, and the Xbox 360 controller is not compatible with an original Xbox.

I think one of the biggest problems between the platforms is the software used to interpret the inputs of the controllers. The Xbox 360 controller uses the XInput API, while the original Xbox's controller likely used something else (it's not mentioned on the webpage for XInput anywhere), meaning even if you were able to somehow get an Xbox 360 controller to connect to an Original Xbox, it probably wouldn't be able to read any input.

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