In Super Mario World on the Super NES (16-bit), some levels on the world map were represented by a different-colored globe, which indicated that there were secret exits hidden on them that would open up a new path. This usually involved finding a hidden lock and key, and reuniting them.

In New SMB for Wii, there appears to be a similar setup. Is the same true, and if so, what colors indicate that there are multiple exits?

  • Too general. Yes in a lot of levels. Short answer : yes.
    – Mushu
    Jul 7, 2010 at 20:36

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There are 14 secret goals to be found in the game.

here's the list and where they are.


Yes, there are secret exits, but I don't believe there's a color to indicate multiple exits. You just have to figure it out, but the hint videos might be able to provide some assistance.

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