Hi I would like to kill dropped items.

I've tried all these commands:

/scoreboard players set @e[type=Item] Sample_OBJ 1 {Item:{id:minecraft:gold_block}}
/kill @e[type=Item,score_Sample_OBJ_min=1]
/scoreboard objectives add Sample_OBJ dummy

/kill @e[Item]

So far, none of these worked.

Please help.

  1. You have to create the scoreboard before you can use it. So /scoreboard objectives add Sample_OBJ dummy is the first command you need to use.

  2. If that still doesn't work, try to replace {id:minecraft:gold_block} with {id:"minecraft:gold_block"}.

  3. If you want to kill all items, the command is /kill @e[type=item].


You have to first add an objective before you can set scores using it (manually type in chat):

/scoreboard objectives add Item dummy

Use a repeating / unconditional / always active command block to set the score of the items to be killed to 1:

/scoreboard players set @e[type=Item] Item 1 {Item:{id:"minecraft:gold_block"}}

Note: Notice the quotes around minecraft:gold_block.

Use a chain / conditional / always active command block to kill any item with a score of 1:

/kill @e[type=Item,score_Item_min=1]

This will kill any dropped gold blocks.

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