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In Dark Souls 3, the health bar gets longer and longer the more HP you have.

Is there a maximum width to the health bar?

If you only leveled up Vigor, what would happen to your health bar? Is there a max? Would it just go off the screen? Would it create a second bar for your overfill health? Would it max out and then the mana/stamina bar are reduced to keep the ratios correct? Or is there just a roof to the health at some point, where the bar would not be able to go further only because you reached max possible health?

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From this video showing the (slightly outdated) maximum HP, the maximum was 2102 HP with 99 Vigor, a Life Ring +3, Ring of Favor +2, and being embered.

The HP bar at this value looked like this:

max hp bar

Based on the HP value of 2102, it is clear that the HP used to calculate the bonus from the Life Ring and Ring of Favor includes the bonus 30% from the player being embered.

However, since this video was uploaded, the Ring of Favor +3 was made available.

At 99 Vigor, you have 1400 base HP, so with ember and these rings, you would have:

1400 + 420 (Ember) + 182 (LR+3) + 109.2 (RoF+3) = 2111 HP


The bar will never become two bars, there is a cap on hp. With diminishing returns vit 99 will grant the player 1400 base hp.

Life ring +3 is a further 10%. Ring of favour +3 is 6%. Finally the ember is 30%.

The maximum health is 2111.

That is the max hp (and width).

Edit: Turns out I was wrong and multipliers stack, sorry for the misinformation.

  • I think the lets play I'm looking at has 1000 base HP at this point. So the health roof would be a full screen of HP bar. Only thing missing would be a screenshot of this :p
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    Aug 29, 2017 at 17:24
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    The numbers here are wrong.
    – Vemonus
    Aug 29, 2017 at 17:29
  • Are you certain that the percentages add instead of multiply?
    – Arthur
    Aug 29, 2017 at 18:35

yes there is, if you use hacks to get an insanely high hp value it will only show the last ~2200 hp on the bar, anything hgher would be invisible, so if you get it it will look like you take no damage, once your current hp is below a certain Amount than it will show up, fp and stamina work this way too

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