In XCOM 2 you can buy buffs to increase soldiers abilities via the Guriella Tactics School. If you remove that facility do the benefits remain?

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    The buffs have icons, if you're not on Ironman that can be tested very easily by destroying the GTS directly before a mission. – Helmar Sep 3 '17 at 20:40

Looking at the code, destroying the GTS will temporarily disable any unlocks until it is rebuilt somewhere else.

// X2StrategyElement_DefaultFacilities.uc
static function OnGTSRemoved(StateObjectReference FacilityRef)
    local XComGameState NewGameState;
    local XComGameState_HeadquartersXCom NewXComHQ;


    NewGameState = class'XComGameStateContext_ChangeContainer'.static.CreateChangeState("On Guerrilla Tactics School Removed");
    RemoveFacility(NewGameState, FacilityRef, NewXComHQ);


// XComGameState_HeadquartersXCom.uc
function ClearSoldierUnlockTemplates()
    // Saved the list in case the GTS is rebuilt, then clear it
    SavedSoldierUnlockTemplates = SoldierUnlockTemplates;
    SoldierUnlockTemplates.Length = 0;

And it is being used like this

// UISquadSelect.uc
simulated function bool UnlockedExtraSlot1()
    return XComHQ.SoldierUnlockTemplates.Find('SquadSizeIUnlock') != INDEX_NONE;
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