I made it through the equation portion of level 7 (passed the What's in a name puzzle). After entering the hut I was advised that I needed to first collect the z key, which I had not yet done. I was told to go back, get the z key, and return.

Unfortunately now I am not able to get out of this area with the two key stroke limit. Any thoughts on how to either get out with 2 key strokes or how to disable the key stroke limit? I may have to restart the level if I cannot figure it out : /


Getting out of the "Missing )" math statement and back to the "What's in a name" puzzle requires two steps.

  • First, stand on the ( tile and input t2. That won't work the first time -- you'll end up on the - tile you want, but you won't be able to exit.
  • Next, stand on the ( tile again, but this time press ; to repeat your previous command but using only one keystroke. You will end up on the proper - tile, and this time you can exit with j.

Getting out of the "What's in a name" puzzle in under 5 keystrokes is easy, using G. Then you can find the z key in the Cheshire Cat islands. If your screen is like mine, it can be hard to see whether you've tried all the hiding places, so I use my browser's zoom function.


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