I have a few units that I want to aim for Trust Mastery to get useful items or abilities. I tried making a team of these units to repeatedly farm Earth Shrine 1 energy mission (now I'm doing Dalnyra Cavern due to 1/2 NRG promotion), but it takes forever for anyone to level up once.

How do others do this; should I avoid taking a full team, attempt different missions, or something else?

I'm using the international version of Brave Exvius, if that makes a difference - acc. to some comments on the game wiki, outside scripting without modding the game is not against terms for this version but only for JPN release.

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Here are the three ways to increase the TMR's level :

  1. Fuse a unit into a unit of the same character (TMR level of the fused unit is transferred plus an additonal 5% bonus)
  2. Fuse trust moogles into a unit (+1%, 5% or 10% according to moogle rank)
  3. Finish a mission (10% chance of getting a 0.1% increase on each unit)

So basically you have to invoke a same unit several time, get moogles through events, or farm the earth shrine, which is the quickest mission of the game. Except if you are a whale (aka a player which spend a LOT of money in this game), you have a limited amount of lapis and tickets for invocations. You also have a limited amount of moogles from events (you should get them... always...), login rewards, trials and so on. So there is only one way to actually farm : the earth shrine.

Now, your options are very limited. You cannot compress the earth shrine quicker, it's a round 50 second mission. What you can do is to optimize the number of days you'll have to wait till getting your first TMR :

  • Farm the earth shrine if possible with 5 times the same units. Due to the TMR level of the fused unit being transferred, you need 16% TMR level on 5 units (which is total 80%) to get the TMR (counting the 20% bonus you get from fusing a unit into itself).
  • Pray for good RNG

You shall never farm the earth shrine with only one unit in your group. This one and only unit would not have a better chance for a 0.1% increase.

Another very useful advice is to ask someone to do it for yourself :

  • a boy/girl-friend (this is the legal way but you'll pay it one day).
  • a child (you may get problems).
  • a computer program (this is debatable if this is legal or not, but to my knowledge no ban was ever reported for using Earth Shrine macros on this game).

Choose your way.


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