I'm trying to figure out if it's worth using Mutiny costing $6k on a Solar Panel during a NEWSFLASH: Solar flare! when it's 12:50 and Power is $180 each but falling.

The basic calculation is (time until night * 180) < 6000? However, the time is not done in hours but in some other time unit which works out as real world seconds.

The solar flare runs out in 88s, giving a potential gross income of $15,840. But there's no indication if night will fall before this.

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    I tried searching around but can't remember from my own experience. Nothing concrete comes up so you may be best off doing some self testing – n_plum Sep 24 '17 at 1:16

Info care of some guys on Discord.

1 second is 10 in-game minutes. A solar day differs in length depending on planet. On Mars the sol is 24:40, on Ceres 9 and on Io 42:30. This gives the breakdown.

Ceres 09:00    54 seconds
Mars  24:40   148 seconds
Io    42:30   255 seconds

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