I am working through the Flashpoint episode and am currently stuck on the quest, Arrival and Survival.

My quest marker tells me to

Check in with Vigil First Mate Bilgefire.

However, when I talk to him, I get the dialog, but then the quest does not update. What can I do try and force the game to update?

Things I have tried so far which do not work

  • Rebooting the game
  • Zoning out of the area and back in again
  • Quitting the episode and restarting it
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    Have you seen the bug note towards the bottom of the page you link to? Oh, and it's a story, not a quest ;-) Commented Sep 24, 2017 at 9:56

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It would seem that this is a known issue as detailed on the wiki page.

Its not possible right now to advance the story beyond the dialog between Scientist Viraddi and First Mate Bilgefire. Logging out near the end of the conversation and logging back in sometimes progresses the story to the next step.

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