I made a couple of screenshots in Alien Swarm that I want to share via Steam screenshots collection. However, in Screenshot Manager I can't chose "Alien Swarm" game (it's not present in the list).

I was able to locate screenshot files in steamapps\common\alien swarm\swarm\screenshots, but I can't find a way to upload them in steam screenshots collections.

So basically I want to know if anybody can give me an advice on that - how can I upload jpg screenshots in my collection? Also, is this a bug in Alien Swarm installation that should be reported? If yes, what is the best way to contact Steam on the matter?

  • This question isn't really about Alien Swarm. Another question is related very closely.
    – BlaXpirit
    Oct 7, 2011 at 16:33
  • @BlaXpirit: you are right, I fixed the problem manually and I agree that it's really closely related. I don't mind if my question gets merged/closed as a dup
    – Dyppl
    Oct 7, 2011 at 16:38

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So, I kinda fixed the problem myself. First of all, I went to the game and made a screenshot while still in main menu, it appeared in another folder and with thumbnail and was visible in Screenshots Manager. So I just copied over the JPG files from steamapps\common\alien swarm\swarm\screenshots to (userdata)\remote\630\screenshots directory. Mine didn't have any thumbnails that I presume are needed for screenshot manager, so I just copied my screenshots in Thumbnails dir and batch-resized them to the thumbnail size (220xSomething). I also had to rename the files from asi-jac6-sewerjunction0006.jpg to 2011-10-07_00006.jpg and so on, but I am not sure if it was really necessary. After I restarted Steam my screenshots became visible in Screenshots Manager.

So I guess when you take in-game screenshots in Alien Swarm they are stored inside a game folder instead of steam folder. If you really want them published in your profile, you can do it manually like I did.


You cannot upload simple .jpg screenshots to Steam without workarounds (such as Dyppl's answer)

Alien Swarm's built-in screenshots or PrintScreen ones are not recognised by Steam Screenshot manager. You should use Screenshot shortcut key from Steam (Settings→In-Game) instead. Then your screenshots can be uploaded and managed easily.

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