Given that the Source engine console command set is so extensive, is there a command to disable text chat? I feel that text chat is commonly used for trolling and harassment, as voice chat has a higher barrier for such behavior.


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Add hud_saytext_time 0 in autoexec.cfg (in-game console may also work), likely located in cfg folder. Create the file if it doesn't exist.

Note: While this "generally" works, the developer can likely disable the command, or text chat altogether.
You are still able to send and view messages by manually opening chat window (see keybinds)—technically the chat log is only hidden from view.

hud_saytext_time is a console command which changes the amount of time that text shown in the chat box stays visible for, before fading.

Syntax: hud_saytext_time <integer> (in seconds).

The default value is 12 seconds.


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