Playing Megaman X, at the end of every stage i'm given a Password Screen.

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That password is like a shortcut to get back where you were in the game.

But is there a logic to that screen? Could I create a password to get a gamefile that is exactly what I want?

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    Fun semi-unrelated fact, if you reset your console/emulator and go in password. It will have saved your last password and you can continue your progress this way without entering it manually. Learned this by accident after over a decade of playing regularly.
    – CoqPwner
    Oct 20, 2017 at 15:01

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There's a nice write up about how it works located on GameFAQs . It seems to cover everything that you are asking here is an excerpt:

To explain the mechanics of the password system, it's necessary to note the limitations of it. The system is not designed to record your exact position in terms of lives, health, or amount of progress made through any one of the levels. It doesn't even record progress made into the stages beyond the initial eight bosses. Instead, the passwords keep track of only 24 binary variables.

These 24 variables have only two possible values, true or false. What this means is that all they keep track of is whether you HAVE accomplished a certain feat, or HAVE NOT accomplished that feat. There's one for each of the eight bosses, to keep track of whether you've defeated each of them or not, another eight for each of the heart tanks, to determine if you've collected them or not, four more for the sub-tanks, and another four for the armor upgrades you can gather (boots, helmet, mega buster, and body armor).

Also from the same link above someone apparently made a Mega Man X password generator which can be found here.

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    I've decoded this back in high school. You can generate a password that gives you all the upgrades without any subtank or weapons.
    – Nelson
    Oct 21, 2017 at 15:23

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