In the Hammer Editor, I've decided on some background music I want to play, using ambient_generic, but I can't find the proper music file. I have gotten music running with the "#*[soundname]" in the sound to play, and it definitely plays music, but not the one I was looking for (I thought since the one is looking for is track 26 on the HL2 soundtrack, I would use that number in the sound name in-game - it plays music, but not the right one.)

I have looked through some of the files to find exactly what I want (that is where I found the "*#[soundname]" text), but I don't know which sound name belongs to which music. Is there a list somewhere, or how do I find it?

  • i used to use "twhl.info" it is very useful site for hl modders. there is a lot of exprerienced users. and youll see they are gonna make you a better mapper, if you let them teach you. – hfc Oct 22 '17 at 0:08

I managed to find the track list here:


A short tutorial on how to play music:

  1. Create an ambient_generic entity. Give it a name, of course.

  2. In the sound name property, put "*#music/" (without quotation marks) before the music name.

  3. On the site above, find the track you want and paste the filename next to the "*#music/"

  4. Set all your other settings - properties, flags (Set the play everywhere flag!), triggers, etc, boot it up and enjoy how much more delicious the music makes to your map.

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