I keep seeing vague mentions ("Slow Metabolism", "Desert Rat") that there are skills that help the player to survive in the wilderness / dusty road in such a way that you die of dehydration/starvation less.

So far I'm not sure if there is such a way. They seem to be called "Slow Metabolism" and "Desert Rat". Anyone have any clue what does it take for them to be acquired?

edit I'm not talking about stocking up with cured meat or getting a lot of water. They all run out, eventually.

edit to clarify, "vague mentions" seem to point to the code itself mentioning some skills like that. something about dying of thirst or of hunger?

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The answer to the thirst thing is:

  • Stock up on cured meat (10, at least, so you have enough time to die of thirst, not hunger)
  • While on A Dusty Path, die of dehydration(thirst) ten times.

When you die, you get a notification saying:

"learned to love the dry air."

The answer to the hunger thing is:

  • Stock up on 1 cured meat
  • Go for walksies. Walk until "The meat has run out." Walk until "starvation sets in". Walk until "the world fades." Repeat 10 times.

When you die, you'll get a notification saying:

"learned how to ignore the hunger.".

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