"kumafarre" is a pretty prominent part of Case 6. This extremely spoilerrific bit of gameplay shows kumafarre pretty clearly. However, the meaning of "kumafarre" is not acknowledged in any point during the game (that I could find).

What is "kumafarre"? Is it some portmanteau of monoKUMA and... uh... something else?

Please expect spoilers for the entire game series in the comments and answers below.

  • Kuma means bear in Japanese. No idea what "farre" means, though.
    – Nolonar
    Oct 21, 2017 at 21:13

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It's a reference to the Nicofarre night club. The place was originally called Velfarre, before it shut down and was reopened by Nico Nico, the japanese equivalent of YouTube; hence its new name, Nicofarre. Since this is Monokuma's Nicofarre, we end up with Kumafarre.

As for why this club in particular is referenced, this article makes it pretty clear:

As blog Asajin points out, Nicofarre has five LED wallscreens that can project comments into the crowd. That is, people can comment during a concert, and said comment should appear on a screen in the club.

A shot of nicofarre that is very reminiscent of Trial 6

Source: Legendary Japanese Club Reborn with Trolling — Kotaku


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