When I reach Level 100 there's an item in the shop which is "???" which requires 101 levels and when I get this (spending my 101 levels) it starts to build Anticipation.

When Anticipation hits 10 I get another shop item called "Back Box Quest 2 on Kickstarter" and the Anticipation builds faster. When it gets over 1 sexdecillion I get another item "Increase Box Quest 2 Kicstarter Pledge" which against build Anticipation much much faster. When it hits Infinity I get "IT'S HERE!!!" and the pages seems to reload but now it's BOX QUEST 2 that I buy.

I am up to BOX QUEST 8 and I am wondering, is this just an infinite loop? or is there a final BOX QUEST game and if so, what number is it?

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There is no max.

The code just checks if you're level 100 (data.level.value >= 100), if you can pay 101 levels (new Cost(data.level,101)), and if your anticipation is infinity (data.anticipation.value >= 1e51).

Then it calls Ascend() which just adds one to your "ascension" (window.localStorage["ascension"] = JSON.stringify(ascensionlevel + 1)).

Then the next thing is you buy "BOX QUEST " + F(ascensionlevel).

You can keep going as long as your patience allows.

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