I installed Supertux2 from the Debian stretch/stable repositories. According to supertux2 --version, it's v0.5.1, but according to man supertux2, it's v0.3.2-SVN. Anyway. According to the documentation, I should be able to create the ~/.supertux2/config file and populate it with (console #t) to enable the console. Once I do that, however, pressing ^ inside the game doesn't bring up the console...

Plus, if I run supertux2 --console from the terminal, it says Error: Unknown option '--console''. even though the --console option is documented in the man page.

How do I enable the console?

Again, there isn't a supertux or supertux2 tag, so I'm only including the linux tag.


The man page may be outdated. The help page (supertux2 --help) lists the correct option: supertux2 --developer.

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