Obviously you should use keys instead of console to switch weapons and items, but combining buy bindings with key binds can streamline the buying phase. Using flashbang as an example, neither +weapon_flashbang nor +flashbang works for switching (the command purchases the item, but the key isn't bound):

bind f "weapon_flashbang;buy flashbang;"
bind f "flashbang;buy flashbang;"
  • Do you want to actually use them or just switch to them to hold them in your hand? – dly Oct 26 '17 at 20:26
  • @dly: Only switch. – user198327 Oct 26 '17 at 20:51

The settings to switch to a specific weapon slot are...

  • slot1 primary
  • slot2 pistols
  • slot3 knife
  • slot4 grenades

or for a specific item you can use the command use <item name>, such as use weapon_hegrenade or use weapon_flashbang

These can all be used in binds or buy scripts:

bind <key> "buy ak47; slot1"
bind <key> "buy deagle; slot2"

or to switch to a specific item:
bind <key> "buy hegrenade; use weapon_hegrenade"

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