Researching this on the internet was very difficult, and I ended up without the answer I’m looking for. I am trying to find out whether it is possible to create a new household once I have started playing in a town with two already created households. I am asking as I wouldn’t want to start all over again in case I am required to make all households I want to, before playing in the town.


You can still create new households from the neighborhood screen, at any point of time in a game worlds existence

Create Household

So I created a new world as a test for this, with heavy use of randomization.

Meet Emanuel Bush, he's a funny bro who wants to tell jokes. He's just been moved into a shack an amazing new home.

Bush House

Going back to the world screen, I made sure to save my horrendous lovely cheap starter house.

Save to Worlds

I noticed that he was all alone, and may get lonely without neighbors.

Isolated Shack

So, I created a new household to move in.

Create Household

With a bit more random button clicks, welcome another bro, Amber Ruffin, to the neighborhood. She has a nice home next door imported from the gallery.

The Bros

Life was well and all were happy. But what's a good sims story without an evil person? After letting Emanuel and Amber chat for a while, I decided another house was needed. I saved and exited to worlds and created a new household.

Create Household

Margarita Knutson. She is the bane of the neighborhood. Being a public enemy, hot headed, evil, kleptomaniac. She's here to ruin peoples day.

Public Enemy

And she's already off to a great start in the neighborhood.

Being Mean

So yes, it is definitely possible to create new sims at any point in time to suit your needs. It can be a great plot development for new sims to move into the neighborhood.

Another neat feature is you can evict households to add background sims, so creating a household, moving them in, and evicting them, but they will still roam that world every so often.

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