Gael's Great Sword has two attacks:

1) Weapon Art + light attack (Left button of mouse) = The rolling attack

2) Weapon art + heavy attack (shift + left button of mouse) = The Frog Jump

The problem with the normal Frog Jump is, you move back first, then strike forward.

However, I have seen in some Youtube videos specially PvPSkillz that he uses the frog jump as a gap closer, I think he uses Xbox, so I'm thinking, How can I change the direction of the Frog Jump? A typical frog jump moves backwards first, then forward, PvPSkillz frog jump is forward, forward!

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I've just successfully tested it, here is my short video. I did it on PC with keyboard and mouse.

How I did it (with all defaults key bindings):

  1. Hold Shift all the time.
  2. Right mouse click to make first jump.
  3. Now simultaneously press backwards move (S) and click left mouse to do forward frog jump.
  4. During jump press forward (W) and then right mouse to attack.

The problem is, that this does not work if you locked your target: when target is locked instead of turning around backwards move will trigger step back. So you need either do entire thing without locking or release target after step 2 and hold target again after step 3. Looks like it will require a lot of practice to perfect this move.

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    A LOT of training but IT WORKS! Thank you!
    – Mr.J
    Commented Jan 16, 2018 at 0:04

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