I've seen people play Minecraft in YouTube videos and make their Minecraft character like, dance. They are able to lay down, move their shoulders side to side, sit down on the ground, etc. Is there a way I can do this in Vanilla Minecraft? Or do I have to install a mod? Also, I'm in Minecraft PC 1.12.2.

Sorry if this is unclear, if it does come out that way I'll change it ASAP.

  • All of it is either animation or good editing, there is no way to dance like that in vanilla Oct 29, 2017 at 18:07

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This is not possible in Vanilla Minecraft.

You need to install mods like Smart Moving which is compatible with your Minecraft version and provides various additional moving possibilities to Minecraft


No, there isn't. That's part of some mods, but not of Minecraft Vanilla.


In normal Minecraft it's not possible but if modded with Emotes Mod or with Smart Moving it is possible to do so. I recommend the Emotes Mod.

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