I'm trying to solve a puzzle from gears of war but I'm not getting the correct answer.

This is a bunch of keys from StarCraft II and the icons need to be translated into the words they mean I suppose.

enter image description here

This picture basically says: "Painkillers are to Max Payne as ? is to Gears of War".

Answers that I've tried:

Gears of War: Crimson Omen, Cover, Roadie Run, Dom, Chainsaw

Need help with this. Thank you.

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From the Max Payne Wiki on Painkillers

Heals 20% of health (Max Payne 1&2)

So we know we're looking for something that heals.

From the Gears of War Wiki on Health and Damage

Gears of War doesn't have a traditional health bar, nor does it have health packs or first aid kits that you must find in order to heal your player
Once the character stops taking damage, the red omen fades just as gradually as it appears, and the character eventually returns to full health.

So you would be looking for either 'wait' or 'time'.

  • Bonus source since Wikis can be hit or miss: I spent hundreds of hours playing Gears of War 1-3. – Twobe7 Nov 9 '17 at 9:37

In Max Payne you use pain killers to restore health. In gears of war you just have to wait.

"Time" is the answer

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