I know that my headset's microphone is working fine because I use it in Skype talks, but everytime I want to play CSGO I need to scream so the other players can hear me.

I have already use it in Discord. I had the same problem. But I found a way to change my microphone sensitivity. Is there any way to change it in CSGO definitions or in Steam settings?

I've already google it, but I can't find any solution to solve this problem.

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Steam has an option to set the microphone volume under Settings > Voice:

enter image description here

You can adjust the microphone volume and hit the test button and talk to check the level.

  • I've already tried that option, inclusive I tried to put the max volume, but the other players still can't hear me Commented Nov 13, 2017 at 18:29

You can change the volume of your microphone in the sound setting of the Operating System. Assuming Windows, you have to get in the Sound interface and get in the Recording tab. Right click your microphone and select Properties. In the new window, you should have the Levels tab. In it, there will be a slider for the volume of your microphone.

Microphone Volume in Windows

Sorry about the language in the picture, my Windows is not in English.


Well if you talk about the automatic activation by sensibility steam and cs:go don't have it you need to use the push to talk function

For user don't hear you when you talk , check to be sure your default micrphone in windows is the one you use , because if you have a webcam or other microphone set it possible you use the wrong microphone

To check it

1-Right click on the speaker in your taskbar

2-click on "record device"

A windows like this one will open

enter image description here

check if your headset microphone have the green circle with the white check inside

if not select it and push "set default"

also like JMichelB said , check your microphone volume double click on it and go in "level". Adjust your mic level, sometime you have a second level for the microphone boost or you can have an extra tabs for it , adjust it carefully or you will hurt everyone when you will talk

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