So I was making a trench warfare map and i needed grenades. So first i turned MobGreifing to false. Now, It works by taking the impact of a snowball (using armor stands to detect) and summoning a creeper with the following attributes: -Invisibility -Instant Fuse -Kinda Large Explosion Radius (about 3?)

I just need a /summon command. Thanks.

P.S. MobGreifing is false, so it's basically an entity killer.

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    What have you tried to accomplish this yourself? This community helps better if we knew what you tried, so that we know what you haven't done that would work. – The Mattbat999 Nov 19 '17 at 14:35
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    Flagging question as unclear because it does not specify which edition is being played. – pppery Feb 17 at 19:03

This command is probably about what you are looking for:

summon Creeper ~ ~ ~ {Fuse:0,ExplosionRadius:3,ActiveEffects:[{Id:14,Duration:1000,Ambience:0}]}

The ActiveEffects is for invisibilty but with a fuse of 0, you will see the creeper right before it explodes before the effect is applied.

If you want a simpler command, I would omit it:

summon Creeper ~ ~ ~ {Fuse:0,ExplosionRadius:3}

For more information on the subject, here is the wiki on creeper data values.

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