First when I would go to turn the Xbox on the light was just a single red dot. I couldn't connect the controller, the tray wouldn't open, and nothing was being displayed on the screen. I unplugged everything and in the process noticed the power adapter light wasn't on so I switched out the cord that connects to the outlet with a new one and the adapter was working again, I turned the Xbox on again and this time the light went on green and I could open the disc tray, but the controller and display were still not working properly. The light would then switch back to red after a minute or so. I also tried using another HDMI and monitor to no avail.

Is there still something wrong with the adapter or is my Xbox toast?

  • The best way to check this, if you can, is to try a different adapter. Nov 21, 2017 at 9:59

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One red light could mean an issue with your power supply, as you've already guessed, or a number of other issues, as noted here, in the trouble-shooting section for the Xbox 360. If any of the steps require a piece of hardware you don't have, you could try taking your console to a game store, preferably a smaller mom and pop type store, (they might be more accommodating) and asking them to plug it in for you.


I don't know what the original problem was, but after 2 months I tried fiddling with the Xbox again. I used a pipe cleaner and blocked the fan while the Xbox was on, after it overheated and reset it is now working fine.

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