I am playing level 7 of vim-adventures. I can start at the first character, the letter 'i', of this if statement. I need to delete the last 3 lines that are marked in red. I am only allowed 5 keystrokes once I am on the letter i. How to Delete the 3 red lines

I am only allowed the following commands:

vim commands I am allowed

I would want to use the command f} to take the cursor directly to line 3 but for some reason that does not work. It seems to only let me use f for within the same line. So far, I have been able to reach the letter 'e' but only had 1 keystroke left.


You don't have enough buttons¹ to solve this puzzle.

Hint 1

There are two solutions. For both you need a button¹ which you still need to find.

Hint 2

You have to get one yellow key² and unlock either the house on the left or the house above. One of those buttons¹ is enough to solve this puzzle

Hint 3

When you either have the % button¹ or the g button¹ you have enough to solve this puzzle


The full solution: Vim-Adventures in level 7

¹) = unlocked keyboard keys ²) = door unlocker

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